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Roofs You Need to See to Believe Their Exist

A building without a roof is incomplete. At the upper part of a building, there is the roof. One of the roles of the roof is to protect the building occupants from biting flies such as mosquitoes, lousy weather and thieves. There are different roofing materials which have various features and qualities. The roof designs are uncountable, and new ones are being created. The roofing designs are created by engineers. There are some roofs which were created by more creative roofing experts. Below are some roofs which were built by creative engineers.

The first weird roof you need to see is the Torajan Roof. The Torajan roof has an exceptional shape. The roof looks like a boat or a banana. The roof sinks at the middle and turns up at the edges. The Torajan roof is made according to a cultural tradition hence there are no many jokes about it. Click here to learn more about the Torajan roof. You can learn more about this product by clicking here.

La Pedrera is another weird roof you need to see. Casa Mila or La Pedrera is one of the unique buildings in the world. The year 1906 is when this building was approved when the rich wanted big houses. Antoni Gaudi is the designer behind La Pedrera. The roof has too many windows and some figures which appear to be defending the building.

Another weird roof you need to see is the roof of California Academy of Sciences. The roof of the California Academy of Sciences is made of glass and artificial land elevations. On the roof of California Academy of Sciences, you will see a lot of animals and plants. One hill covers a rainforest which receives sunshine through some openings covered with glass.

The Leaf House, Brazil has a roof which was designed by a competent designer. The Leaf House has a roof which looks like a six-pointed star. Shapes which resemble arrow leafs make the six-pointed sides. You need to see the roof to identify more features since art is better seen than explained.

Acros roof which is in Japan is an outstanding roof in the world. Acros is a 14-storied building whose roof resembles a staircase with growing plants. The designer behind Acros was Ambasz, and the owner is Japanese Government. The building was not approved at first since the proposed site was a park, but Ambasz designed the building and extended the park.

You also need to see Casa Batllo Gaudi roof to believe it exists. As its name suggests, the roof was designed by Antoni Gaudi who got the design from his teacher. Casa Batllo Gaudi was supposed to be brought down buy Gaudi decided to make it better rather than destroying it as the page shows.You can find out more useful info about the most weird roofs by clicking here now!

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